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Give A Gift Campaign
Category: Charity
Raised: $52,475 Goal: $1,000,000
Give A Gift Campaign

Each year, Global Movement Foundation conducts a Give A Gift campaign from October 1 through December 30. Your support of the Give A Gift campaign helps us serve more children in communities around the world through the company's grants, extending your impact on children's lives.


Your participation in this campaign also enables our company to support young children build leadership skills and teach other young people the value of service. 


Join us. When you donate to our campaign, you can make a difference to poor childrens life, and you can make a difference in their lives a world away. Your generosity has a positive impact near and far. Today, tomorrow and forever.


We come together. We serve communities. We change children’s lives. 



At Global Movement Foundation, our mission is to assist people in serving the children of the world. So the work of our foundation helps our programs change children’s lives.


Our vision is to extend your impact. We strive to make sure your gift helps children in many places and many ways. And we succeed by holding fast to a set of core values:


  • Stewardship. We are committed to meeting and sustaining donors’ confidence that our foundation will invest their contributions wisely and distribute them in keeping with the values of our mission.
  • Transparency. We adhere to treat all constituents fairly and ethically and to be above board in all of our dealings. 
  • Responsiveness. We are relevant and proactive in meeting donors’ and grantees’ needs.
  • Legacy. We give donors the opportunity to leave a lasting mark on the world.
  • Integrity. We deal honestly in our interactions with all stakeholders.
  • Trust. Through the integrity of our actions, we seek to earn and maintain the trust of our foundation and constituents.


Along with all these values comes accountability. Your gifts reflect your hope for children’s lives—and your trust in us. So we strive to earn that trust.


Give A Gift Campaign


Give A Gift Campaign